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Wonderful work from everyone on the workshop. The theme is trees. Here are some images:

Christiane tree 3 Junko tree Junko tree 2 Christiane tree 2Junko tree 3 Tomoe tree Tomoe tree 2 Tomoe tree 3 Yasuyo tree Yasuyo tree 2 Yasuyo tree 3ワー


My work “Circling”  It won a  prize!




この展覧会に参加しています。日曜日の午後に会館にいます. どうぞいらして下さい!

I’m taking part in this exhibition. I’ll be there Sunday afternoon. Everyone welcome.


suiboku sho suiboku sho back 1

Wonderful work from everyone at the workshop yesterday. Here are some photos:

昨日のワークショップの素晴しい作品:Trees Workshop May 2015 1 Trees Workshop  May 2015 2 Trees Workshop May 2015 3 Trees Workshop May 2015 4 Trees Workshop May 2015 5 Trees Workshop May 2015 6


Iga 1 Iga 2

I’m taking part in this exhibition in Iga Ueno from April 29th to May 6th.

Enjoy the Ninja Festival in Iga over Golden Week too!


Here are two delicious restaurants near the gallery:









Here are some images from the workshop. Wonderful paintings of bamboo!




Workshop bamboo April 2015 Workshop Bamboo 2 April 2015 Workshop Bamboo 4 April 2015 Workshp Bamboo 4 April 1025 Workshop Bamboo 5 April 2015Worshop April 5 April 2015

English follows Japanese

墨ワークショップ コース  2015春

春の墨ワークショップ コースは、毎月第二土曜日13:30−16:30に大坂天神橋で行います。テーマは「木」です。毎回違う角度からテーマにアプローチします。それぞれの解釈そして墨の実験などをしながら技術を習います。


4月11日  梅と竹の手本を利用

5月9日  中国の「芥子園畫傳」を利用

6月13日 各自が持って来るスケッチと写真を利用

7月11日 各自のアイディアの抽象表現 

持ってくるもの:          書道道具: 墨、硯、筆、下敷き、水入れ、白い小皿二つ、新聞紙



場所:ツギハギ荘 北区天神橋1−8−15




参加費:3,000円 学生:1,500円( 部屋代、紙代 含)





クリスティーン フリント サト



sumi workshop nara

Sumi Ink Workshop Course  Spring 2015

This Spring I will hold a Sumi Ink Workshop Course. The theme is “Trees,” and each workshop we will approach it from a different angle. Emphasis will be on personal interpretation and experimentation while developing techniques for sumi ink painting.

Each workshop is from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm on the second Saturday of the month in central Osaka.


April 11th   1:30 -4:30

We will use Japanese models of the Plum and Bamboo

May 9th 1:30 -4:30

We will use models from the Chinese ‘The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting’

June 13th 1:30 -4:30

We will work from sketches and photos we have prepared ourselves

July 11th 1:30 -4:30

We will develop our ideas in more abstract ways


Please bring: Shodo equipment: sumi stick, ink stone, brushes, felt, water container, paperweight, rag, 2 small white saucers(as palettes),old newspapers.

Sumi ink can stain so please bring an overall or wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.


Place: Tsugihagi Sou, Tenshinbashi, Osaka


Fee: 3,000 Yen, Students: 1,500 Yen (This includes fee for the room and for practice paper.)

Contact: Christine Flint Sato   cflintsato@hotmail.com



Directions to Tsugihagi Sou:

At Minami Morimachi Subway Station take Exit 4B.

Walk south down Tenshinbashi covered Shopping Street.   Continue another 30 metres or so until you come to a crossroads with a pharmacy on the right and an ‘Owl Café’ on the South East corner. Turn left and walk 3 blocks, turn right and Tsugihagi Sou is on your right. It is a sandy coloured building with a grape vine in the front of the house.

Michael Lambe’s article in Kansai Scene about a recent sumi ink workshop I held in Nara.Thank you Michael!


This month, Kansai Scene have been good enough to publish an article I wrote about attending Christine Flint Sato’s sumi ink workshop. In her workshops Christine teaches neither calligraphy nor sum…



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