奈良NHK「ならナビ」2月3日にでました! わずか5分間でしたが撮影は6時間かかりました! 再放送はNHK総合関西2月26日に11:05ー12:00の「ぐるっと関西おひるまえ』の予定です。良ければ、ご覧ください!

I was on Nara NHK ‘Nara Nabi’ on Feb 3rd.  It was a five minute slot but 6 hours filming!  It’ll be rebroadcast on Feb 26th on ‘Gurutto Kansai hirumae’  on NHK Kansai (general)  11:05 am – 12:00.

Take a look if you’re free!

IMG_0709 IMG_0714 IMG_0710 IMG_0705


First Workshop of 2016!  We experimented with a variety of materials and tools. It was good fun!

Here are some of the results.


Jan Workshop 10 Jan Workshop 9 Jan Workshop 8 Jan Workshop 7 Jan Workshop 6 Jan Workshop 5 Jan Workshop 4 Jan Workshop 3 Jan Workshop 2 Jan Workshop 1



2月13日 1:30−4:30


場所:ツギハギ荘 北区天神橋1−8−15







February Workshop

February 13   1:30 – 4:30  1:30-4:30

We will be making collages.


Place: Tsugihagi Sou, Tenshinbashi, Osaka 場所:ツギハギ荘 北区天神橋1−8−15


Directions to Tsugihagi Sou:

At Minami Morimachi Subway Station take Exit 4B.

Walk south down Tenshinbashi covered Shopping Street.   Continue another 30 metres or so until you come to a crossroads with a pharmacy on the right and an ‘Owl Café’ on the South East corner. Turn left and walk 3 blocks, turn right and Tsugihagi Sou is on your right. It is a sandy coloured building with a grape vine in the front of the house.


Contact: Christine Flint Sato   cflintsato@hotmail.com


Sumi Workshop Dec 2015

Here are some of the great paintings from the workshop. The theme was ‘Water’ ワークショップで描いたいくつかのすばらしい絵です。  テーマは「水」です。



Dec 12 9 Dec 12 7 Dec 12  8 Dec 12  6 Dec 12  5 Dec 12  4 Dec 12  3 Dec 12  2 Dec 12  1

Here are some of the paintings we did at the workshop. ワークショップで描いたいくつかの絵です

Spring Flowers 2Spring Flowers 3Spring Flowers 1Spring Flowers 4Spring Flowers 5

Some images from the show:

Kyoto 1 Kyoto2 Kyoto 3

Great work from everyone on the workshop.The theme is ‘water’.

皆さんの素晴しい作品です. テーマが「水」:

0ct 2015 Workshop 1 Oct 2015 Workshop 2 Oct 2015 Workshop 3 Oct 2015 Workshop 4


Same motif but with different paper, and it creates a  different impression

Sumi Workshop Sept 2015

Great work from everyone on the workshop.The theme is ‘water’.



water XI  2015 water X  2015 water 1 2015 water 4 2015 water 5 2015 water 6 2015 warwe 7 2015 water 8 2015 water 9 2015 water 3 2015 water 2 2015



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