Here are some of the paintings we did at the workshop. ワークショップで描いたいくつかの絵です

Spring Flowers 2Spring Flowers 3Spring Flowers 1Spring Flowers 4Spring Flowers 5

Some images from the show:

Kyoto 1 Kyoto2 Kyoto 3

Great work from everyone on the workshop.The theme is ‘water’.

皆さんの素晴しい作品です. テーマが「水」:

0ct 2015 Workshop 1 Oct 2015 Workshop 2 Oct 2015 Workshop 3 Oct 2015 Workshop 4


Same motif but with different paper, and it creates a  different impression

Sumi Workshop Sept 2015

Great work from everyone on the workshop.The theme is ‘water’.



water XI  2015 water X  2015 water 1 2015 water 4 2015 water 5 2015 water 6 2015 warwe 7 2015 water 8 2015 water 9 2015 water 3 2015 water 2 2015







Christiane tree




Wonderful work from everyone on the workshop. The theme is trees. Here are some images:

Christiane tree 3 Junko tree Junko tree 2 Christiane tree 2Junko tree 3 Tomoe tree Tomoe tree 2 Tomoe tree 3 Yasuyo tree Yasuyo tree 2 Yasuyo tree 3ワー


My work “Circling”  It won a  prize!




この展覧会に参加しています。日曜日の午後に会館にいます. どうぞいらして下さい!

I’m taking part in this exhibition. I’ll be there Sunday afternoon. Everyone welcome.


suiboku sho suiboku sho back 1

Wonderful work from everyone at the workshop yesterday. Here are some photos:

昨日のワークショップの素晴しい作品:Trees Workshop May 2015 1 Trees Workshop  May 2015 2 Trees Workshop May 2015 3 Trees Workshop May 2015 4 Trees Workshop May 2015 5 Trees Workshop May 2015 6


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