Kyoto Ink Painting Exhibition Oct 2016

I’m taking part in this exhibition from Oct 25th -30th at the Kyoto-Furitsu Bunkageijutsu Kaikan. I’ll be there  on the 25th from 3:00.Everyone welcome!


Kyoto-Furitsu Bunkageijutsu Kaikan is on the West side of Kawaramachi south of Imadegawa, opposite  Kyoto Fu Hospital.


Recent work

I’ve been using water colour with sumi ink.  I wet mounted these small pieces  together onto large pieces of paper.



Talk at Hankyu UK Fair Oct 2016


Here are images of the talk  講演迺イメージです:


I am giving a talk at the Hankyu UK Fair this coming Sunday, 16th Oct, about the Wordsworth Basho Exhibition

今週の日曜日に(10月16日)大阪阪急British Fairでワーズワス 芭蕉展について講演します。


Sumi Workshop October 2016 墨ワークショップ 2016年10月


We are using ancient pictograms to make designs. Here are some images。

次回のワークショップ:11月19日 1:30−4:30


Next Workshop: Nov 19th 1:30 – 4:30

Everyone welcome!


Wordsworth Exhibition Opening Sept 17th ワーズワスと芭蕉展のオプニング 9月17日

The Wordsworth Basho Exhibition opened on the 17th. It went well – good fun!

Here are some images from the day:




Sumi Workshop September 2016 墨ワークショップ2016年9月

In today’s workshop we began to work with ancient pictograms. We will be making them into designs in future workshops.  Everyone made really interesting work with lots of energy!





Recent work : Water colour and Sumi ink 最近の作品:透明水彩絵の具+墨

In Germany this summer I borrowed a friend’s studio and experimented with water colour and sumi ink. I wet mounted them when I got back. I had thought water colour would bleed, but they were OK. Here they are.