Wordsworth Exhibition Opening Sept 17th ワーズワスと芭蕉展のオプニング 9月17日

The Wordsworth Basho Exhibition opened on the 17th. It went well – good fun!

Here are some images from the day:




Sumi Workshop September 2016 墨ワークショップ2016年9月

In today’s workshop we began to work with ancient pictograms. We will be making them into designs in future workshops.  Everyone made really interesting work with lots of energy!





Recent work : Water colour and Sumi ink 最近の作品:透明水彩絵の具+墨

In Germany this summer I borrowed a friend’s studio and experimented with water colour and sumi ink. I wet mounted them when I got back. I had thought water colour would bleed, but they were OK. Here they are.



歩く詩人 ワーズワスと芭蕉 Wordsworth and Basho:Walking Poets

The exhibition is on from Sept 17th – Nov 3rd 10:00 – 18:00

Holidays: Mondays except for 19th Sept and 10th October. Tuesday 20th Sept and 11th Oct are holidays.

Kakimori Bunko, Itami is close to both JR Itami Stn and Hankyu Itami Stn


wordsworth basho show


wordsworth basho show 2wordsworth basho show 4wordsworth basho show 3

歩く詩人 ワーズワスと芭蕉

この展覧会に参加しています.Manny Ling さんとコラボしています.どうぞいらして下さい!


Walking Poets Exhibition

I’m taking part in this exhibition in Osaka in the Autumn.  Manny Ling and I have done a collaboration piece together.

Wordsworth and Bashō; Walking Poets; Encounters with Nature

Recent Work July 2016

I have been experimenting with wet mounting 2 pieces of work on one wet mount.  2 in 1! A kind of collage. Here are the results – 6 works


Here are 4 more:

4 品の追加です: