Sumi Workshop November 2016 墨ワークショップ11月

We continued with our theme of old pictograms.  Here are the photos of today’s class. Some lovely work.

Next Workshop : Dec 10th 1:30 – 4:30


次のワークショップ:12月10日 1:30−4:30

『観自庵の12人展』Exhibition in Fukui Images

Here are images from the exhibition and opening party


Sumi Workbook on Tsutaya shelves in Kyoto!


Sumi Workbook displayed on the shelves in Tsutaya , Kyoto!


『観自庵の12人展』Exhibition in Fukui

I’m taking part in this exhibition in the hundred year old building, ‘Kanjian’ in Fukui, from Nov 5th – 12th. Come and enjoy the beauty of nature and the artwork in Fukui!


展覧会のちらしExhibition flier:   20160921_12%e4%ba%ba%e5%b1%95%e3%83%81%e3%83%a9%e3%82%b7a5

観自庵のFB ページ  Kanjian on facebook:

私が出す作品 The artwork I’m exhibiting:back-to-a-landpartial-views


Kyoto Ink Painting Exhibition Oct 2016

I’m taking part in this exhibition from Oct 25th -30th at the Kyoto-Furitsu Bunkageijutsu Kaikan. I’ll be there  on the 25th from 3:00.Everyone welcome!


Kyoto-Furitsu Bunkageijutsu Kaikan is on the West side of Kawaramachi south of Imadegawa, opposite  Kyoto Fu Hospital.


Recent work

I’ve been using water colour with sumi ink.  I wet mounted these small pieces  together onto large pieces of paper.



Talk at Hankyu UK Fair Oct 2016


Here are images of the talk  講演迺イメージです:


I am giving a talk at the Hankyu UK Fair this coming Sunday, 16th Oct, about the Wordsworth Basho Exhibition

今週の日曜日に(10月16日)大阪阪急British Fairでワーズワス 芭蕉展について講演します。