Sumi Workshops in April 墨ワークショップ 4月

Workshop Jan 2013Workshop 3 2013

Sumi Workshop Schedule:

April 13th  12:30 – 14:30       “Cherry Blossom”


4月13日   12:30ー14:30  ”さくら”

お問い合わせ  (English or Japanese OK)

sumiwork2013Workshop 2 2013


5 thoughts on “Sumi Workshops in April 墨ワークショップ 4月

  1. Kumiko Magome

    Hi! Nice to know about your recent activity. I love your Sumie! Be sure to remind me if you exhibit in Tokyo area.

    1. cflintsato Post author

      Hi Kumiko
      Good to hear from you – it’s been a while, though I’ve seen your posts on facebook.
      Thank you for visiting the blog and website.
      I’ve started working with scrolls these past couple of years. I’m interested in trying out the old format in new ways.
      I haven’t any plans for Tokyo – in fact I’ve only exhibited up there twice. If there’s a chance I’d like to again.
      Let me know if you’re visiting family in Osaka again, let’s meet up.


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    1. cflintsato Post author

      Thank you Carol – I’m sorry to be so late replying, I’m still new to the blog and don’t often go into it! Hope all’s going well with you.

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