June 11th Sumi Workshop 6月11日墨ワークショップ

Our next Sumi workshop is on June 11th. 

English details follow Japanese below.


PM 1:30ー4:30

持ってくるもの: 書道道具: 墨、硯、筆、下敷き、水入れ、新聞紙



場所:ツギハギ荘 北区天神橋1−8−15



参加費:3,000円 学生:1,500円( 部屋代、紙代 含)





Sumi Workshop

1:30 -4:30 pm

Please bring: Shodo equipment: sumi stick, ink stone, brushes, felt, water container, paperweight, rag, old newspapers.

Sumi ink can stain so please bring an overall or wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Place: Tsugihagi Sou, Tenshinbashi, Osaka



Fee: 3,000 Yen, Students: 1,500 Yen (This includes fee for the room and for practice paper.)

If you want to come please contact: Christine Flint Sato   cflintsato@hotmail.com

Directions to Tsugihagi Sou:

At Minami Morimachi Subway Station take Exit 4B.

Walk south down Tenshinbashi covered Shopping Street.   Continue another 30 metres or so until you come to a crossroads with a pharmacy on the right and an ‘Owl Café’ on the South East corner. Turn left and walk 3 blocks, turn right and Tsugihagi Sou is on your right. It is a sandy coloured building with a grape vine in the front of the house.




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