Sumi Symposium May 17 -23

Here are some images from the sumi symposium we are holding in Nara this week. Shodo artist  Naomi Yanai and I are organising a week of sumi related events for Tirza and her group of shodo students from Israel.

We opened the symposium with Naomi’s performance with Hide, an electric guitarist. Naomi brushed 森羅万象 , All Natural Phenomena.

So far we have watched sumi making, practised abstract calligraphy, or Bokusho 墨象, and then had a kana workshop.






Here are some more images:

Watching brush maker master craftsman demonstrating how he makes a brush. We then  made brushes out of ‘kuzu’ vine, and in the afternoon learned about early Japanese calligraphy with Masao Tanigawa Sensei.





The next day we had an ink painting workshop with Yasuko Masaki, a sumi ink art workshop with me and in the evening a Zen calligraphy performance with Yoko Nishina.





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