Sho to Hisho no Kiwa Exhibition

I am taking part in this exhibition, exploring the border between Sho (calligraphy) and non-Sho.

The exhibition’s in two parts. I’m in the first part.

January 15th (Wed) – January 26th (Sun).

The second part is from January 28th – February 9th.


Kyoto Bunka Museum Annex 1F on Sanjo.

11:00 -18:00 (Closed Mondays. Last day 17:00)








11:00-18:00 (月曜休日/最終日17時)




1 thought on “Sho to Hisho no Kiwa Exhibition

  1. ronaconti

    Congratulations Christine Flint Sato. I so wish that I could see this exhibition. Will there be a catalogue or some kind of publication to at least give me an idea of the show?


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