Sumi Workshop February 15th



In this workshop we practised ‘nijimi’, the spreading of sumi ink. We experimented using a metronome at different speeds while painting lines. Later everyone worked individually and  produced great work.  It was a fun workshop.


次のワークショップ:3月14日  13:30 ~16:30

4月11日  13:30 ~16:30


Upcoming workshops: March 14th  13:30 -16:30

April 11th     13:30 – 16:30

Contact me if you’d like to take part:




2 thoughts on “Sumi Workshop February 15th

  1. ronaconti

    What an excellent idea to use a metrognome to change the speed with which one brushes. Did you use paper upon which the ink spreads naturally or ink which spreads? Early on in studying calligraphy I used to ask my Sensei for paper which did not spread. Nijiminai? From seeing the delightful images, I think it is the ink which spreads? Do your students grind their own ink? So many technical questions when one should really look at the work itself and then perhaps remark upon the technique. I can see that you are an excellent teacher.

  2. cflintsato Post author

    Hello Rona Thank you for your kind comments and your interest in the workshop. Yes, the metronome is quite a useful tool – you get to see what kind of line you naturally brush as well, because you can’t stop to ‘think’ about it. The paper is a regular Hanshi, the sumi spreads quite well, but not a much as some gasenshi. Papers which don’t spread have usually been sized. Nijimanai is right. Size=dosa, sized = dosabiki shiteiru. We’ll have a go on different papers to compare nijimi in the workshop after next. I usually ask students to grind their own ink but there were quite a few new people last Saturday who brought bottled ink and they used that. No real problem as bottled inks can produce very nice spreads. Did you see we’re both in Masashi Nakamura’s haiku exhibition in April? I’m submitting a collaboration piece I did with Western calligrapher Manny Ling. I think you may know him through facebook. Small world with many interlocking circles!


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