Recent work in colour July 2020

Here are some recent pieces in sumi ink, sienna and ultramarine.

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5 thoughts on “Recent work in colour July 2020

  1. Liliane Landau

    Truly smashing!
    I almost wrote “splashing” because of the connotations coming to my mind…
    So powerful and dramatic , ethereal and lit up by an inner luminosity at the same time !
    Do you love Turner’s paintings ?
    I don’t know why but both his and your work awake in me at times the same kind of sensations.
    I may be wrong …

    Thanks again for the time we were lucky to share with you.
    I learned a lot during those lessons and wish we could reiterate the experience in the future 🙂

    1. cflintsato Post author

      Thank you Liliane, So glad you like them. And yes, I love Turner’s work, the later abstract ones and also his watercolours. I hope to offer some more workshops for the group later this year.

    2. cflintsato Post author

      I hope you saw my reply Liliane. This mail has come up again! Just to say thank you for your comments and yes I love Turner, especially the later work and his watercolours. I hope to work with your group again in the Autumn.


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