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Kyoto Contemporary Ink Painting Images June 2022

Here are images from the exhibition.


This is my work. Standing Stone.


Kyoto Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition



10:00-18:00 (最終日17:00)



I am taking part in this exhibition June 14th – 19th.

Kyoto City Art Museum Annex 2 F

10:00 – 18:00 (Last day 17:00)

Everyone welcome!

I’m there on Sunday 19th June from 13:00. It’d be great to see you there.



I’m a little late uploading these images, but they give a feel of the show in Iga.





“Calligraphy and non-Calligraphy:Overlaps” Exhibition is in Iga Ueno

from April 8th – 17th

Everyone welcome!

Nara SDGs and Sumi symposium video link

Here is the You Tube link to the recent Nara SDGs symposium.

先日の奈良SDGsシンポジウムのYou Tubeリンクはこちらです。

Images from the Nara SDGs seminar

Giving my presentation
From the video. Doing the painting for the seminar
Giving the presentation
My paintings. The one on the left is for the seminar.
Tohkei san’s calligraphy. It is the old kanji for Nara.
Ohka san’s paintings. The one on the left was for the seminar.
The seminar took place at the Bus Terminal Building in Nara



Here are images of the exhibition.

書と非書の際 の展覧会:イメージ


Here are images of my work in the ‘Calligraphy and non Calligraphy : Overlaps’ exhibition

Computing 金文 Computing Kinbun (Script on Chinese Bronze Inscriptions)




The characters for a calculating machine 算盤 are found in Kinbun. (in Japanese Soroban. )

Nowadays we use computers for writing, we rarely write with a brush. In one half of the pair of works I am showing  I have written ‘calculating machine ‘ in Kinbun  and made a collage which acts as a backdrop to a set of computer keys. In the other half of the pair I have placed  headless  brushes on top of  print outs  from a ‘Look Up Kanji’ App on which I wrote 算盤 with my finger directly onto the screen.

The work is a comment on how computers have revolutionised the way we write and how separated we have become from the long tradition of sho.

書と非書の際(きわ)Calligraphy and Non Calligraphy: Overlaps

I’m taking part in this exhibition. Do drop by. Everyone welcome!