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Kyoto Suibokuga Exhibition


10月24日(日)13:00-17:00 会場にいます。


I’ll be taking part in this exhibition next week

I’ll be at the venue October 24th from 13:00 – 17:00.


Three Day Show (every week through April) 三日展 (4月毎週)


4月の毎週の金、土、日曜日に 会館しています。

11:00 – 17:00 (最終日16:00まで)


I’m taking part in this show during April. It is open every week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2nd April until 25th April.

11:00 – 17:00 (last day 16:00)

Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

Take Kyoto Subway to Nishi Oji Oike Stn and come out of Exit 3. It’s a 9 minute walk north on Nishioji.


書と非書の際(際)On the Border of Sho and Non Sho

Click on this link to see images of the show


Here’s the link to my artwork:


The comment is only in Japanese. Here is English:

Binary Code Calligraphy on Bamboo Slips

We are living through a digital revolution. Writing, once executed by human hand with  brush or pen is now almost all done by computer.  The translation of  script into computer fonts depends on each letter being represented in its own unique binary form of 0 and 1   

In my work I have used my own binary code for SHO.These three codes are repeated over and over.

S=  01010011     _  _ __    _  _  __   _  _   _  _  __  __

H=  01001000     _  _   __    _  _   _  _     __     _  _    _  _    _  _

O=  01001111     _  _    __     _  _      _  _    __     __      __      __

It is written on drift bamboo I picked up at the beach.  Before paper was used for calligraphy, bamboo and wooden slips were the main media for written documents.

The work combines the most recent developments in Sho art with one of the oldest surfaces used for the art form.

書と非書の際 On the Border of Sho and non Sho


1月8日〜1月31日  11:00~18:00 最後日16:00 月・火曜休廊


メーン作品展: 京都王藝際美術館 2F

小作品展:JARFO 京・文博


I’m taking part in this exhibition

January 8th – 31st 11:00 – 18:00 (Last day 16:00) Closed Monday and Tuesday

Main exhibition: Wang Inter-Art Museum 2F

Small artwork exhibition: Jarfo Kyo・Bunpaku Sanjo

Welcome everyone!


Wang Inter-Art Museum

5 minutes from JR  Enmachi Stn  (San’in Main Line). Exit main gate, turn right into Nishioji.

9 minutes from Nishioji Oike Stn (Kyoto Subway Tozai Line ) Exit 3 . Head North on Nishioji.

Tel: 075 802 5350

JARFO Kyo Bunpaku

The Museum of Kyoto Annex,  Sanjo 

Tel: 075 222-0302

学園前アートフェスタGakuenmae Art Festa


Gaukuenmae Art Festa began today. A stimulating variety of art of different genres in the beautiful Asanuma Kinenkan.

Come along and enjoy!

学園前アートフェスタ の搬入 Gakuenmae Art Festival Hanging







Today we had the hanging at the Gakuenmae Art Festival. My work is in a perfect little tokonoma. It gives the work a very different perspective. Take a look at the image

The exhibition is from tomorrow until the 14th. 10:00-17:00 at the Asanuma Kinenkan in Gakuenmae.

I’ll be there on Saturdays November 7th and 14th from 13:00.


I’ll post more images of the show tomorrow.

学園前アートフェスタGakuenmae Art Festival


11月7日(土)〜 14日(土) 10:00時 〜 17:00時




I am taking part in the Gakuenmae Art Festa November 7th -14th.

It’s at Asanuma Kinenkan.

I’ll be there 7th November and 14th November in the afternoons.


Kyoto Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition

I’m taking part in this ink painting exhibition in Kyoto .

27th October (Tues) – 1st November (Sun) 10:00 – 18:00 (last day 17:00)

Kyotofuritsu Bunkageijutsu Kaikan 1F

I’m there from 13:00 – 17:00 on Sunday 1st November.

Everyone welcome!

この展覧会に参加しています. 京都府立文化芸術会館

2020年10月27日(火)〜 11月1日(日) 10:00-18:00 (最終日17:00)



京縁展 イメージ Kyoen Exhibition Images


京縁展のいくつかのイメージ. 御覧ください。

Some images from the Kyoen Exhibition. Take a look.


京縁 International Artists Inspired by Kyoto


The Terminal Kyoto  (四条烏丸駅下車徒歩6分)

1月25日(土)ー2月18日(火)9:00-18:00 (25日9:00-17時)

1月25日13:00 – 会場にいます。


Kyoen  International Artists Inspired by Kyoto

I am taking part in this exhibition.

The Terminal Kyoto  (6 mins walk from Karasuma Shijo Stn)

January 25th – February 18th  9:00 – 18:00 (9:00-17:00 on January 25th)

I am at the gallery on January 25th from 13:00.