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Sho to Hisho no Kiwa Exhibition: My artwork

私たちは、名前ではなく、デジタルで識別されることが多くなっています。この作品では、私を識別するために使用されている二つのIDバーコードを取り出し、木材に書き込んでいます。木材を木簡の形では、紙が導入される以前の古代中国で使用されていました。既存する最古の木簡は、紀元前5世紀のものです。  私たちの名前は陳腐化し、デジタルIDは木簡のように持続するのでしょうか?

We are  increasingly identified digitally rather than by our names. In this artwork I have taken two ID bar codes used to identify me and written them onto wood. Wood  in the form  of wooden slips was used in Ancient  China before the introduction of paper. Extant examples of the earliest wooden slips are from 5th Century BCE.  I wonder if our names will be rendered obsolete and if digital identification will  last as long as the wooden slips.


書と非書の際(きわ)展の会場イメージ Sho and Non Sho: the Overlaps Exhibition: Some Images


Here are some gallery images of the exhibition.

書と非書の際(きわ)Sho and Non Sho : the Overlaps

I’m taking part in this exhibition. Do drop by. Everyone welcome!


Webinar Announcement


I will be giving a webinar for J-LAF (Japan Letter Arts Forum) about my artwork and about the materials I use. If you would like to come please sign up on the links below.

Sign up on these links:以下のリンクからお申し込みください:



Instagram: @jlafstaff

Sumi Workshop in Nature November 2022




We had a very happy Sumi workshop in Nature last weekend. An added bonus – it didn’t rain although it had been forecast!

Everyone produced lovely work. I didn’t take any photos this time, but here are one or two with pictures of the two large pieces.

One of them was a joint work by two of the participants.

Joint work by two of the participants


Kyoto Contemporary Ink Painting Images June 2022

Here are images from the exhibition.


This is my work. Standing Stone.


Kyoto Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition



10:00-18:00 (最終日17:00)



I am taking part in this exhibition June 14th – 19th.

Kyoto City Art Museum Annex 2 F

10:00 – 18:00 (Last day 17:00)

Everyone welcome!

I’m there on Sunday 19th June from 13:00. It’d be great to see you there.

Nara SDGs and Sumi symposium video link

Here is the You Tube link to the recent Nara SDGs symposium.

先日の奈良SDGsシンポジウムのYou Tubeリンクはこちらです。

Images from the Nara SDGs seminar

Giving my presentation
From the video. Doing the painting for the seminar
Giving the presentation
My paintings. The one on the left is for the seminar.
Tohkei san’s calligraphy. It is the old kanji for Nara.
Ohka san’s paintings. The one on the left was for the seminar.
The seminar took place at the Bus Terminal Building in Nara

奈良SDG学び旅シンポジウム 2月17日


シンポジウムはどなたでも参加できます. 直接ご来場いただくか、ズームでご覧ください


I am taking part in this symposium about SDGs and Nara on February 17. It is in Japanese, but the first video (5 minutes) is bi-lingual Japanese and English.

The symposium is open to everyone. If you’d like to come please apply here.

Come in person or on Zoom.