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Sumi Workbook on Tsutaya shelves in Kyoto!


Sumi Workbook displayed on the shelves in Tsutaya , Kyoto!



Sumi Ink Workshop article in Kansai Scene Feb 2015

Michael Lambe’s article in Kansai Scene about a recent sumi ink workshop I held in Nara.Thank you Michael!


This month, Kansai Scene have been good enough to publish an article I wrote about attending Christine Flint Sato’s sumi ink workshop. In her workshops Christine teaches neither calligraphy nor sum…


Scroll article in Letter Arts Review

The article I was researching about scroll making was published in Letter Arts review last Summer 2013. Volume 27 #3. Here’s the link to the magazine :


article 2 article 1 article

Nara: Ancient Echoes


My work is in a new book about Nara – its temples, arts and crafts. I’m in the sumi section.