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Children’s Summer Workshop Iga 子供のBUNTO KIDS ACADEMY ワークショップ

伊賀市の子供のための夏のアート プログラムに参加させていただきます。墨 のワークショップで海の誰も見た事の無い生き物を描きましょうというテーマにしました。


I’m taking part in this Summer Art Programme for children in Iga City.  The theme for my workshop is Imagined Sea Creatures.

I’m preparing for it at the moment, painting many imaginary fish to inspire the children. Looking forward to the workshop with them!




『観自庵の12人展』Exhibition in Fukui Images

Here are images from the exhibition and opening party


I made a Facebook Artist Page

I made my Facebook Page as a sumi ink artist.
Please come visit and “like” my page if you like it.

Also, as I announced before, my official web site has moved and has been renewed!
The new URL address is

All images from the old website and up to the present, including details of work are on the new site. It’s easier to see the work.

Please come visit my new website too.





新しいサイトのURLアドレスは です。