Mounting research 表具、表装の取材







I am currently researching mounting scrolls for an article for Letter Arts Review calligraphy magazine.


Mounter Michiaki Maeda has kindly  let me photograph him at work over the past few weeks. Here are some of the photos from his studio.


 The article should be out some time next year.



現在Letter Arts Review というカリグラフィー(書道)雑誌のために表具、表装の取材をしています。表具家前田倫明様に作業場面の写真撮影許可をいただきましたので、いくつか写真を紹介いたします。記事は来年掲載される予定です。


Mounting 1Mounting 2Mounting 4Mounting 5Mounting 6Mounting 3





2 thoughts on “Mounting research 表具、表装の取材

  1. -N-

    Hi Christine – this looks especially fascinating. I have a PDF of a book no longer in print about mounting scrolls. It really is an art in and of itself. Looking forward to when your article is published – do let us know here on your blog. –Naomi

    1. cflintsato Post author

      Hi Naomi The article was published in Letter Arts Review Vol 27 Number 3 Summer 2013.
      If you go to the magazine’s website you can probably find it in the back numbers section.
      It is a real art in itself, I learned such alot when I was documenting it.

      The sale of the workbook is going well. I’m hoping it will be reviewed here and there – nothing confirmed yet, but maybe early next year.


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