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Webinar Announcement


I will be giving a webinar for J-LAF (Japan Letter Arts Forum) about my artwork and about the materials I use. If you would like to come please sign up on the links below.

Sign up on these links:以下のリンクからお申し込みください:



Instagram: @jlafstaff


Nara SDGs and Sumi symposium video link

Here is the You Tube link to the recent Nara SDGs symposium.

先日の奈良SDGsシンポジウムのYou Tubeリンクはこちらです。

Images from the Nara SDGs seminar

Giving my presentation
From the video. Doing the painting for the seminar
Giving the presentation
My paintings. The one on the left is for the seminar.
Tohkei san’s calligraphy. It is the old kanji for Nara.
Ohka san’s paintings. The one on the left was for the seminar.
The seminar took place at the Bus Terminal Building in Nara

奈良SDG学び旅シンポジウム 2月17日


シンポジウムはどなたでも参加できます. 直接ご来場いただくか、ズームでご覧ください


I am taking part in this symposium about SDGs and Nara on February 17. It is in Japanese, but the first video (5 minutes) is bi-lingual Japanese and English.

The symposium is open to everyone. If you’d like to come please apply here.

Come in person or on Zoom.

Talk at Hankyu UK Fair Oct 2016


Here are images of the talk  講演迺イメージです:


I am giving a talk at the Hankyu UK Fair this coming Sunday, 16th Oct, about the Wordsworth Basho Exhibition

今週の日曜日に(10月16日)大阪阪急British Fairでワーズワス 芭蕉展について講演します。