New website is open! 公式サイトが新しくなりました!

A big Thankyou to Miyu for designing my new website. She also designed Sumi Workbook which I brought out 2 years ago. Very talented young woman!
私の新しいサイトをデザインしてくれた Miyu ちゃん、ありがとう!!私が二年前に出した Sumi Workbookのデザインも担当してくれたり、素敵な才能の持ち主です!!


My official web site has moved and has been renewed!
The new URL address is

All images from the old website and up to the present, including details of work are on the new site. It’s easier to see the work.

Please come visit.



新しいサイトのURLアドレスは です。




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