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Recent artwork: Heart Sutra

A friend asked me to do a Heart Sutra scroll for a present for one of her friends. It’s written in English in gold paint and sumi ink on blue washi. 友達から頼まれました。彼女の友達のために般若心経の掛軸が欲しかったと言う事でした。英語で金色の顔料と墨で紺色の和紙に書きました。掛け軸2



Recent work

I’ve been using water colour with sumi ink.  I wet mounted these small pieces  together onto large pieces of paper.



Recent work : Water colour and Sumi ink 最近の作品:透明水彩絵の具+墨

In Germany this summer I borrowed a friend’s studio and experimented with water colour and sumi ink. I wet mounted them when I got back. I had thought water colour would bleed, but they were OK. Here they are.



Recent Work July 2016

I have been experimenting with wet mounting 2 pieces of work on one wet mount.  2 in 1! A kind of collage. Here are the results – 6 works


Here are 4 more:

4 品の追加です:

Recent line work 最近描かいた線の作品 June 2016


Line work, just finished backing them


IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1120IMG_1119IMG_1111


IMG_1109 IMG_1112