Sumi Workbook Launch partySumi Workbook launch party 01Sumi Workbook launch party 02Sumi Workbook launch party  03Sumi Workbook launch party 04Sumi Workbook launch party 6Sumi Workbook launch party 7We had the Sumi Workbook launch party yesterday. It was great fun – thanks to the heavy rain we were able to make a sumi -rain , rain – sumi collaboration.

昨日墨ワークブックの出版記念 パーティーを開きました。とても楽しかった。大雨のお陰で墨雨、雨墨のコラボもできました!



Sumi workbook cover Sumi workbook example page Sumi Workbook example 1Sumi workbook example page Sumi Workbook example page 2Sumi workbook example page Sumi Workbook example page 3

Sumi Workbook

Christine Flint Sato

Kaifusha Co Ltd July 2014

2,000 Yen plus consumption tax (in Japan) ISBN: 978-4-87616-031-0


In this workbook sumi artist Christine Flint Sato presents a new way to work with sumi, or the East Asian ink medium. Trained in calligraphy (shodō) and ink painting (sumi-e), she has distilled some of the basic techniques of both art forms into an innovative workbook for all.


Based on her experience of leading sumi workshops with both Westerners and Japanese, the workbook offers a non-traditional way of using the sumi medium. It encourages people to connect with the medium directly and to develop a personal understanding of the way it works through practice and experimentation.


The workbook is both informative and practical. Materials and tools: the sumi ink, inkstone, paper and brush are introduced, and their characteristics, how they interact and how to care for them is explained.


The workbook shows how design elements: dots, lines and shapes, and how wet and dry brushwork effects are used in the sumi medium. Each chapter includes step-by-step practice exercises, which are designed for a wide range of practitioners, artists and non-artists alike. Suggestions for experimentation are made throughout the workbook, and there is advice on how to make a finished artwork. Sumi work by participants in workshops in the UK and Japan, and the author’s sumi paintings make up the concluding chapter of the workbook.

There is a glossary of Japanese terms used in the workbook and a recommended list of suppliers at the end.


The motivation for the publication of this workbook was the observation that Western participants in workshops become deeply engrossed in working with the sumi medium directly, experimenting and playing with it. It is hoped this workbook will enable more people to try it out and enjoy it.


List of Contents:


Introduction:          The Nature and Experience of Sumi Arts

Chapter 1:                  The Tools and Materials: Sumi, Inkstone, Brushes, Paper

Chapter 2:                  Getting Started

Chapter 3:                  Sumi Design Elements: Dots, Lines, Shapes

Chapter 4:                  Sumi Techniques and Effects: Gradation and Multi-tonal strokes; Wet Brush Techniques, Dry Brush Techniques, Combining Sumi lines and Wet Brush Techniques

Chapter 5:                  More Sumi Techniques

Chapter 6:                  Composing a Sumi Artwork

Chapter 7:                  Gallery: Sumi Workshop Paintings, Author’s Sumi Paintings


Recommended Suppliers





Christine Flint Sato


Christine Flint Sato is a British sumi artist based in Nara, Japan. She studied calligraphy under Seika Kawabe (Mainichi Calligraphy Organisation) for many years and ink painting under Chinese ink painter Li Geng. She exhibits regularly in Japan and the UK and has won prizes for her artwork. She runs sumi workshops in both countries. She also researches and writes about the sumi arts, in particular Japanese calligraphy for the magazine ‘Letter Arts Review.’ Her book ‘Japanese Calligraphy: The Art of Line and Space’ was published in 1998.

  1. sumiwork.com


Sumi Workbook(墨ワークブック)


海風社 2014

ISBN: 978-4-87616-031-0







第一章: 道具と材料
第二章: さあ始めよう
第三章: 墨デザイン要素
第四章: 墨の技法と作用
第五章: 墨の技法2
第六章: 作品の作りかた
第七章: ギャラリー



西洋では創作材料・素材として墨はあまり知られていません。美術館では東アジアの書道作品や墨絵はよく展示されていますが、個人が墨を使ったり、墨への知識をもっていることは稀です。よく思われがちなのは 、墨について学ぶときは何年も中国もしくは日本の師匠のもとで教えてもらわなければならないということです。もちろん、どの芸術分野にも言えることですが、習得するための練習は必要です。しかし、どこかの門を叩き何年にもわたり墨を学ぶことをしなくとも、楽しく墨を使うことは可能なのです。



墨アーティスト、 英国人 奈良在住。故・川邊精華師に書を学ぶ。中国の芸術家 李庚師に中国水墨画を学ぶ。 日本・英国で個展を開き、グループ展に参加し、数々の賞を受ける。さらに墨ワークショップを英国で開くとともに、月に一度大阪でも開いている。制作の傍ら墨芸術を研究し、記事を書く。雑誌 「Letter Arts Review」に記事掲載、日本書道の線、余白を分析した本「Japanese Calligraphy: The Art of Line and Space」を海風社より1999年に出版。

  1. sumiwork.com


I’m holding a workshop in the Borders on Aug 30th and 31st 10-4.  Check on the link for information and booking.




If you’re near the Lake District, I’m taking part in this exhibition at the Wordsworth Museum:  Wordsworth and Basho;Walking Poets.

イギリスにいらっしゃる方に:この展覧会に参加しています。Wordsworth Museum に行うワーズワースと芭蕉展です。


2014 Sumi Workshop in July   7月の墨ワークショップ

Workshop Jan 2013Workshop 3 2013

Sumi Workshop Schedule:

July 12th  12:40 – 15:00  Stencils and resists


7月12日12:40ー15:00 簡単な型染め技法から ヒント


お問い合わせ:info@workroom.co.jp  (English or Japanese OK)

sumiwork2013Workshop 2 2013

Recent photos of workshops Simple printing techniques ワークショップ の最近の写真です。簡単なプリント技法。

sumi 1 sumi 2 sumi 3 sumi 4 sumi 5 sumi 6 sumi 7 sumi 9 sumi 10 sumi 11 sumi 12

Here are some photos of the workshop – Simple printing techniques


Sumi Workshop April 2014 2 Sumi Workshop April 2014 3 Sumi Workshop April 2014 4 Sumi Workshop April 2014 5 Sumi Workshop Aril 2014 6 Sumi Workshop April 2014 7 Sumi Workshop April 2014 8 Sumi Workshop April 2014 9 Sumi workshop April 2014


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