Sumi Workshop September

Sumi Workshop started again this month. It was lovely to see everyone again.

We practised with many different kinds of lines and ways of depicting fruit and vegetables as our subject.

Take a look at some of the great results. Very experimental!





11 thoughts on “Sumi Workshop September

  1. ronaconti

    You must have greatly inspired your students. It is very difficult to choose the most liked as I like all of them. Very creative, very different, kudos to you Sato Sensei.

  2. Christine

    Thankyou Rona. We did a lot of exercises – I was trying to free them from the feeling that they had to depict the fruit exactly as seen. But they were up for it! Glad you liked the results.

  3. Liliane Landau

    Hi Christine!

    Tirza told us that you’ll teach us again next month ! GREAT !!! Looking forward

    About the Sumi Workshop. Do you have the equivalent on line or is it reserved to non virtual people in a real studio ?

    See you soon .


    1. cflintsato Post author

      Hello Liliane, Yes I’ll be with you later this month. The workshop in Osaka is not a virtual one. I can check to see if there’s WIFI there. If so I’ll look into the possibility of bringing in the laptop and doing it on zoom simultaneously. It is from 13:30 Japan time. I’m not sure what time that is in Israel, but maybe very early? See you later this month! Christine

  4. Liliane landau

    Hi Christine !
    Thanks very much for the proposition .It’s really thoughtful of you!
    I didn’t intend to make things difficult for you and it looks like it could and would be …
    Israel time = 6 hours earlier than in Japan .
    I could be difficult too for some one like me who doesn’t go in bed before 01:00 or 02:00 pm !!!
    Thanks again and see you quite soon 🙂

    1. cflintsato Post author

      Hullo Liliane The classroom I hold the workshop does have Wifi and if you wanted to join next month it would be possible. It’s on November 28th at 13:30 Japan Time. We could do it on Skype if there is only one of you.

      1. Liliane Landau

        Hi Christine!
        That’s sooooooo sweet of you!
        I wish I COULD, but let’s face it :my nickname being “the owl” and being aware that I don’t go to bed before 2 or 3:00 a.m … I doubt seriously being able to catch up with the Japanese table time…
        That would be 6:30 in Israel or even 5:30 a.m if Japan didn’t yet adopt wintertime…
        But I’m so glad you’ll teach us again from November 5th via ZOOM 🙂
        Can’t wait for it !!!!
        I wish I could study seriously .
        Completely hooked on japanese art.
        Pity it happened so late in my life – my hands will begin to shiver before I’ll begin to understand the first thing about it 🙂
        A tres bientot!

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